Import Face Off St. Louis

A great turn out from the Rival House crew! Thank you all for coming. We took over every event in the track, we hit the show pretty deep, the drifting area was smoking (cheesy pun intended), and even a few of our friends drag racing.

Over all I had a good time, we took home a club trophy and Jason Brassard cleaned house with his VW CC.

Sam Eichenlaub somehow got parked in a row that was filled with some early 2000 era “show cars” Lambo doors, tv’s, I mean seriously it looked like Xzibit got ahold of them. It worked well for him though, made his car stand out that much more.

Chris Baileys GTI looking great as always!

Jen Storace brought her “Mini Kitty” out, Blake and Tim look to find the hood.

The rotary cars made sweet music all day!! Brappp!!

Budski uses Mikes wheels to check his smile.

I’ll end it with some cart love.

For more pictures go check out Jacob Brcic Photography

Up next will be some drifting coverage from Quigley or Jeff Le.